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We are an independent general contracting firm that not only delivers impeccable results but prioritizes its clients. It takes a lot of hard work, long hours and a particular care to details in order to accomplish and follow through on a vision. Although working on improving your home or business is exciting, we understand that success relies mainly on hiring the right crew for the job!

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Has an influx of general contractors returned with a wide range of high and overpriced bids for your construction project in South Tampa? If so, Empire USA Construction architects are available to help you manage the construction bids. Our architects will take care of the bids on your behalf, in order to ensure that you not only get the best price possible, but that you hire a reputable contractor as well.

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Project Management

No matter what size the building is, a construction project is a significant undertaking. There are hundreds of things, big and small, that require a watchful eye. Keeping track of every detail can be very overwhelming, but with an experienced project manager you can be confident that nothing will slip past unnoticed. Empire USA Construction is a well-respected architectural firm in Hyde Park, staffed by highly skilled individuals with extensive experience providing all levels of support during construction projects.